A Restaurant with a History!

Chapman Home - 1909

This charming dwelling was build in 1909 by twin brothers Andrew and Robert Chapman.  Originally from Scotland, the brothers formed the Chapman Brothers' Construction Business in 1905, which proved to be a lucrative venture. In the next two decades, they built many residences and commercial buildings in town, some still standing today.  Next to their home, the brothers built the Chapman Garage, managed by Robert until he died in 1935.

Andrew took a great interest in the affairs of the town; he was major in 1908, postmaster from 1912 - 1949, and founded the Boy Scouts.  He and his wife Margaret lived in the home until 1950, and the house remained a private home until the late 1980s.  In the 1990s it was converted into a commercial restaurant.

 - Cochrane Historical & Archival
Preservation Society